We have a wide range of models to offer, while in same time we are able to quickly develop a desired model as well. Sizes are not an issue at Innaco, as we are able to produce every size desired by a client.  Also, quantities are not a problem. Actually, we are experts at dealing with large quantities. We are using finest foam quality for our pillows in different hardness and density variants.
We can offer wide range of fabrics for the pillow covers. From basic economic fabrics, like microfiber polyester, to special properties fabrics with health benefits, organic cotton and tencel, everything is possible at Innaco.
Recently, we have launched the fiber fillings line, where we can make pillows with many different types of fillings as: ball fiber, blown fiber, nano fiber and so on.
When it comes to packaging, we have countless options to offer, from vacuum packing in PE, transparent PE bags with handle to fancy bags with brand tags and prints.